After the Easter rush …

So Easter has been and gone and like many of you with children, it meant that for a few weeks the crafts rather heavily centred around chocolate, fluffy things and anything egg shaped!

With that all over I am now knee high in a really egg-citing (sorry I had to) project creating a custom dress from some beautiful Minerva Crafts fabric. If you haven’t come across them, check out their website (no, this is not a paid link or anything else, I just think they are good) Their range of fabrics is superb and they are great at using social media (Instagram particularly) to show off their new fabrics as they get them. They are not the cheapest for everything but are certainly very reasonable.

I will share that project more once it is complete but another project I have been working on is a dress for 4 of my gorgeous nieces from a pattern I found at Candy Castle Patterns. The pattern I am using is the Vintage Very Cherry Dress which can be found here.  Again I went to Minerva Crafts for my fabric and the results are super cute! More pictures to follow as it warms up enough for them to be worn!

Anyway, I hope you all had a super Easter and happy crafting 🙂

Emily x

Welcome to Forgotten Crafts

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us at Forgotten Crafts. In my first blog I wanted to tell you all a bit more about where Forgotten Crafts came from and a bit more about me.

I am Emily Bradshaw and I have always loved to craft. The mediums have changed as I have grown up and while I pretend not to create models out of Lego anymore, my sons might tell you otherwise! I have two boys, Lucan is 8 and Pippin is 3 and they are like many boys lovers of the outdoors and of making things too. My husband James is a fantastic crafter and and has an equally long (and probably better documented) line of love for all things art and craft related. As a family we have done all sorts of exciting things, and in 2013 tried to buy everything for a year only made in the UK (duly dubbed The British Family). My family are a massive source of inspiration for me and so finding myself with a little more time on my hands at the end of 2018, I decided that I would trying to put all the skills and knowledge into one place and a little group on Facebook, The Sevenoaks Craft Network, was born.

After putting the word out that my first course would offer the chance to learn how to dust off the sewing machine so many people have in the corner of a cupboard somewhere and actually use it, the response from the fabulous Sennokians was huge. My first course in early 2019 was great fun and gave me the push I needed to try to spread the word about the great fun that can be had learning a new craft. Since then, demand for courses has been growing and so I have come to re-brand and grow to a wider audience and introduce you to Forgotten Crafts.

Forgotten Crafts came about through thinking about the world around us and the basic crafting of materials which we now take completely for granted. Everything is disposable and while this is not solely the purpose of Forgotten Crafts, if by learning the value of an item by making it yourself, I truly believe that it can alter the way you look at the things you buy and the value you put on those things too. After all, someone somewhere made it!

I also wanted to encourage people to reconnect with the skills that many were taught in one form or another at school but may have not had the time or needed to use since. So many were taught wood work but are nervous of flat pack furniture, textiles but refuse to sew on a button and cookery but still burn the toast. Everyone can craft. It isn't always easy and one of the challenges I have set myself this year is to document on my blog the process of learning new crafts to show you all that it doesn't always work the first time but can be great fun in the trying!

More than anything, welcome, to hopefully a new hub for all things craft!

Emily x