About Us

Forgotten Crafts began life as Sevenoaks Craft Network a small Facebook page in 2018 as I looked for a new way to share my skills and learn more from others in my local community. I have always created things and have a particular passion for food and any craft involving yarn. After having my two boys I realised that the ability to make things for them was a far more personal and cost effective way to give them the things I wanted them to have. Making toys, clothes and all sorts else has become a family affair and my husband is a phenomenal leather worker and enthusiastic fixer of just about anything!

Forgotten Crafts is about just that, regaining skills we all learnt in school or from loved ones and bringing them back into our lives and the lives of those around us. So often i hear the works ‘I am not very crafty’ and I see it as an opportunity to show that person that everyone has an ‘eye’ for what the like and dislike in the world around them and exploring this is the very basis of being ‘crafty’. As our world becomes more and more digital and the exploration of what we can create for ourselves slowly vanishes, I am here to shout it out loud and proud that crafting things for yourself can be more rewarding than you ever thought possible. Join us and see!

Emily x